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OPEN 8AM-5PM MON-FRI 480-998-9460
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Southwest Equine Hospital provides veterinary care for routine and emergency needs. Preventive medicine and routine patient care is an important step in maintaining a healthy horse.

Preventive Care

Each horse at Southwest Equine receives a free wellness and dental examinations during vaccination visits. Vaccination and deworming programs are tailored specifically for the age and use of each patient. We offer routine (2 day) and STAT (<24hr) Coggins tests, as well as health certificates for domestic and international travel. We also perform microchipping as a permanent way of identifying your horse for travel, proof of ownership or disaster recover.


Routine dental equilibration, also known as floating, is offered in conjunction with complete oral exams to ensure that our patients have healthy teeth. Sedation is usually required to allow correction of most dental abnormalities (especially in the back of the mouth); for the safety of your horse, the veterinarians at SWEH strive to use low doses of short acting sedatives whenever possible. Power and hand floats are routinely used; the choice will be determined by patient compliance, veterinarian or owner preference, and amount of correction needed. If any abnormalities are identified on oral examination (cavities, fractured or loose teeth), our wireless digital radiography system can obtain the highest quality images of your horse’s teeth, and dental radiographs are quick and simple to perform.

Southwest Equine Hospital has partnered with Midwest Equine Services ( to bring the best in equine dental care to Arizona. Dr. Travis Henry has completed a residency in Veterinary Dentistry at the University of California-Davis and is world renowned for his innovative equine dental extraction and endodontic / periodontic techniques. Dr. Henry and his associate, Dr. Molly Rice, have raised the standard of care in equine dentistry and can do almost any dental procedure in a standing sedated horse, eliminating the risks associated with general anesthesia. Appointments with Drs. Henry and Rice are limited and require referral- please inquire.


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