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Southwest Equine Hospital

General Information

At Southwest Equine your horse’s health and well-being are our top priority. We combine experience and compassion with cutting edge technology to provide you and your horse state of the art service with a personal touch. Whether a top show competitor or a back-yard companion, we strive to keep your horse happy and healthy by employing some of the country’s top veterinarians and offering many of the most state of the art diagnostic modalities and therapies available.

Primarily serving the North Valley (N. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Rio Verde, Cave Creek, Goldfield Ranch, Desert Hills and Glendale), our team of experienced doctors and technicians strive to provide superior care for your horse. We offer a full range of services including emergency examinations, preventive health care (vaccines, dentistry), lameness and pre-purchase examinations, reproductive services (collection, insemination, embryo transfer) and regenerative medicine (IRAP, PRP, Tildren, Stem Cell Therapy).

As a part of our commitment to providing the highest quality medical care possible for our patients, we offer 24-hour emergency and intensive care, every day of the year and take pride in providing superior attention to each and every horse that we see. Whether your horse has a challenging lameness, infection, colic or “just isn’t right”, the team at Southwest Equine Hospital is dedicated to making your veterinary experience as enjoyable as possible.

We value client communication as much as we value exceptional patient care. Communication between clients and doctors is an important feature of our practice. We believe that a well-informed owner greatly contributes to the quality of the medical care we are able to provide to our patients.


Our facility is equipped with the ability to administer IV fluids and provide continuous monitoring of intensive care patients. We have immediate access to a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities including bloodwork (CBC/Chemistry/blood gas analysis), ultrasound (abdominal, thoracic, cardiac, tendon, rectal etc), radiology (limb, abdominal, thoracic, spine, myelograms), fully equipped surgery suite (colic, arthroscopy, fracture repair), regenerative therapy (IRAP, PRP, Stem Cell) and an on-site pharmacy that allows us to select and provide the appropriate therapy immediately and without delay.

Emergency and Intensive Care

At Southwest Equine, our team understands that a sudden and unexpected emergency or illness has a profound effect on the owner as well as the horse. Our goal is to provide the best and most effective medical (or surgical) treatment in a humane and compassionate way, minimizing the stress to both horse and owner. Clients can rest assured that should their horse require hospitalization, our team is fully dedicated to the care and comfort of each individual patient. The successful recovery of many of our hospital patients relates directly to the excellent medical and nursing care provided by the team effort of our veterinarians and staff. We recognize that owners often play an integral part in the recovery of their horse, and encourage regular visits so that the horses see a familiar face and hear a familiar voice.


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