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Welcome to Southwest 


Your Horse Deserves The Best

At Southwest Equine Hospital your horse's health and well-being are our top priorities.


Lameness Examination, Equin




Whether it be a colic, laceration or other unexpected event,  our veterinarians are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency care for your horse. 


We provide on the farm routine care for all horses.  Vaccination, health examinations, de-worming programs, nutritional consultation. We believe preventing your horse from becoming ill is the best medicine we can provide.


Drs. Alward and Browne specialize in internal medicine and infectious diseases. Gastric ulcer management, colic treatment, chronic coughs, neurologic disease or any horse that "just isn't right"- they love helping the horses that need their expertise!


Dr. Browne and Dr. Ferrante love foals!!!  Making babies, healthy babies, sick babies... they are the dream team when it comes to reproduction (Dr. Ferrante) and neonatal care (Drs. Browne and Alward have extensive experience treating critically ill foals).


Dr. Alward is particularly passionate about helping athletes perform at their best. She likes to look at the whole picture  to find those troublesome areas of pain that can be missed on routine lameness exams. She places extra emphasis on the head / neck and spine and their relationship to overall performance.

We also perform comprehensive pre-purchase examinations and routine soundness examinations.  


Our veterinarians are particularly passionate about routine and interventional dental care. We partner with internationally renowned dental surgeon Dr. Travis Henry to bring the very best in dental care to the horses of Arizona, Southern California and Nevada.

Foal Care at Southwest Equine

Southwest Equine has a state-of-the-art anesthesia & surgical facility fully equipped to meet the surgical needs of our patients. From emergency colic surgery to cryptorchids and foals with ruptured bladders, we strive to provide the best intra- and post-operative care possible.  


All of our veterinarians are keen on making sure that your horse is receiving a proper and balanced diet, particularly if they have hormonal dysregulation (Cushing's, Insulin Resistance, Thyroid dysfunction).  Dr. Ferrante in particular is our "go-to" person for horses with special dietary needs.

Electiv Equine Surgery- Southwest Equine

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6001 E Bell Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Telephone:  480-998-9460

Afterhours Emergency: 480-250-1129

Fax number: 480-483-3482


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday


Available for Emergencies

Hospital: 24 hours / day, 365 days / year

Ambulatory:  Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Rio Verde. Based upon veterinarian availability.

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Ashley Alward, DVM, DACVIM, Veterinarian, Equine Medicine Specialist

Ashley Alward, DVM, DACVIM

Owner, Specialist- Internal Medicine

Dr. Alward is Board Certified in Equine Internal Medicine. She has a special interest in equine emergency / critical care and specializes in complex medical conditions. She has a keen interest in neck and back pathology / poor performance of the equine athlete.  Dr. Alward is also passionate about dental care- she sees a lot of horses with Dr. Henry!   She mostly practices in the hospital- with limited ambulatory appointments that book quickly!

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Katheryn Browne, DVM

Internal Medicine

Dr. Browne is extensively trained in internal medicine and pending Board Certification.  She loves foals most of all, but is passionate about making your horse feel better. She does limited ambulatory services upon request.

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Alexia Ferrante, DVM

General Practice

Dr. Ferrante is from Italy and has been working with Dr. Alward for the past 2 years while studying to take her foreign veterinarian licensing examination. We are looking forward to having her licensed in time for the 2023 breeding season since she loves reproduction!  She has been an invaluable asset in our endocrinology and nutritional patient management. She is not currently taking appointments, but 2023 is not too far away!

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Kelsey Naftel, DVM

General Practice

Dr. Naftel loves all things with hooves.  She is passionate about preventive care and general wellness of our equine friends.  Dentistry, vaccines, emergencies- she is there for your horse with a true desire to keep him/her happy, healthy and comfortable.  You can ask her about your goat or pig (but please don't ask the other doctors because they probably will just say "ask Dr. Kelsey"!)

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